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Get in front of your listeners

Use one-click publishing to distribute your episodes wherever your listeners are: whether it's Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SiriusXM, Pandora, you name it.


Get to know your audience

Audience by Simplecast is our audio analytics suite unlike any other you've seen before. Track who's listening, where they're listening, how they listen, and so much more.


Get paid from your content

By dynamically inserting the ads you choose into your podcast episodes, our platform puts you squarely in the driver's seat, offering total control over the listening experience.


Ready to turn your passion into a profit? Simplecast provides powerful tools to publish and monetize your podcast — from your first listener to your first million.

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*Monetization is limited to Professional and Enterprise plans only

Generate income from the world's biggest brands

  • Fill rates you can depend on: we're award-winners in dynamically inserting ads
  • Automated monetization for new episodes, back catalogs, unsold inventory
  • Thousands of targeting options to self-select the type of ads for your show
  • Tap into one of the largest marketplace of ad buyers in the US and abroad
  • 70/30 revenue share with 70% paid to podcasters
  • Inventory controls and brand safety tools

  • Advanced ad serving with forecasting capabilities, frequency caps, and more
  • Approve and block ads by specific IAB categories or by a specific brand
  • Manage your ad spots and ad markers at the show or episode level
  • See the big picture with pro-level reporting

  • Track your podcast's listening performance and ad revenues in real time
  • Generate sales reports by show, position, advertiser, and more
  • View fill rate, eCPM, impressions, inventory, and more
  • Manage all your deal types in one unified interface
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