Here's the other thing…

We don't just offer industry-leading publishing, distribution, analytics, and  monetization features, we also stuffed the Simplecast platform with a specific set of tools made entirely to take your show to the next level.  


Players At The Top Of Their Game

Podcast discovery still happens in the web browser. We know this, so we're arming you with the most beautiful, robust, and intelligent web players available. Whether you want to embed a single episode or an entire show, we have you covered. They're oEmbed-ready, making it effortless to use them on site-builders like Squarespace or Wordpress, blogs like Medium, and across social media. They can also report your listeners' listening speeds, share points, and drop-offs, as well!

Set Your Sites On Simplecast

While we're talking about websites: we realize many podcasters don't want to maintain a third-party site for their podcast. No worries! With our all-new site builder, creating a site is as simple as publishing your first episode or trailer. Customize the theme colors, create additional pages, and you're good to go. They are beautiful, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines. Want to use a custom website domain? We got you. (Plus HTTPS security on all sites!) Be a podcaster, not a webmaster.

Together You Can Do So Much

One account, multiple shows, multiple collaborators! With all-new permission levels, invite Team Members to one show or multiple shows, while granting them access to see or edit only what you want. Publishing more than one show? Manage your entire show library from one account. Easy!

Rethink Podcast Sharing, Meet Recast®

Stories have the power to connect people and change lives. Recast® is a podcast sharing and discovery tool which allows you and your listeners to share custom clips of your episodes, optimized for social media. We're constantly creating innovative new ways for listeners to interact with their favorite creators. Recast, the industry's first listener-powered audiogram tool, offers insights into your listeners' sharing habits through all-new reporting tools.

Can We Build It?
Yes You Can!

Made for podcasters, and now developers, too. Simplecast API 2.0 is by far the most advanced audio publishing and distribution API available today. Use it to build your own website, upload tool, a listening app, and even your own analytics dashboard. If we can build it, so can you.